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Hunter Williams is seventeen. After meeting him I binged watched Casey Neistat, who is a role model of Hunter’s, but mostly after meeting William’s I was renewed in my belief that the future of media and film will be an innovative-ly rad one.

Hunter is used to being the one who tells another’s story. I am turning the tables and telling you the story of Hunter Williams a chronicle of which I have no doubt, is made for film.

When asked the age old opening question “tell us about yourself” Williams has many variations of answer, that he gives with a modest tone. Telling of the two sports he plays, the freelance filming buisness he co-runs and the honours he achieved in his school examinations.

This young entrepreneur is the definition of busy, he’d say to you his time is best spent documenting the tales of others or battling for social justice with a DSLR in hand.

To quote his words, “I figure if I am going to make films they must be made about stuff that matters.”

With this simple but rarely made statement leading him Hunter has made two films. One about social sustainability and the other commentating the neutralising of sex trafficking through Daniel Walker’s Nvader. Both of these works by Hunter have been immensely successful and his talents have seen him receive accolades.


Perhaps the most exciting accolade that the gracious Hunter has received to date is that of having two of his films screened, in Times Square New York come October. One of these two films being his latest, The Ultimate Sacrifice.


This film tells the story of one fathers daring and somewhat outside-the-box decision to join a potential exhibition to Mars. Yes it may seem a little crazy, but it is true. That is what I love about Hunter’s films. His work doesn’t shy away from depicting the difficult or the bold, he does both of these things and he does so beautifully.

When you watch his creations you can see his creativity and his purpose within every second – of that I promise you. Film making is the purpose of Williams.

The question now becomes “where is the line between video and film maker?” I might not be qualified to answer such a question, but I am going to give it a shot. In my mind what makes a filmmaker like Hunter or his role model Casey Neistat is quality of content.


With so many mediums of film avalible to you and the line between film and video blurred, it is easy to just click play and be mindless. Don’t do that.

Choose what your watching and choose well, because everything you watch will effect you in some way.

Hunter’s films will help you learn and be amazed at the world or peoples efforts to be of aid to others, people like Neistat will make you laugh and want to travel. Filmmakers give quality of content. Content that makes you believe in something or want to get up and do that thing you once believed, before you watched 5:42 of film, was impossible.

I believe quality is what makes a filmmaker and nobody is of higher quality then Hunter Williams, he is leading the next generation of filmmakers.

Find Hunter: FacebookWebsite and Youtube

Also if you don’t know Casey Neistat: Here he is


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