5 Instagram accounts you need to be following like now

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Featured Image: Jacob Binnie

Stop what you’re doing. Put down the homework.

Cease freaking out about exams or the fact that Christmas is only 3 months away.

Okay good now pick up your phone, because here are five Instagram accounts you NEED to be following LIKE NOW.

Oh by the way, as you read this you already follow Letters to Corey riiiggghhht? Of course you do.

Without further-a-do here are my top 5 gram favs. In no specific order because they’re all mega wicked


The guy who runs this account is one who told a WWE wrestler to “go back to Canada” trust me. You’ll laugh more then I can describe…

I find myself hysterically laughing at this account but even more then that I think that this account manages to restore goodness within every person who sees it. Example? My best friend (Molly if you didn’t know) and I found ourselves waiting for the bus home having a chat about this account and laughing. It didn’t matter what our day was like or that we were uber busy, for a few minutes we laughed and it was wicked (good wicked) trust me you’ll love it more then the latest Whittakers chocolate concoction.


On this account you’ll see the streets of Paris, the buildings of Rome as well as beautiful happenings in our backyard of NZ and you’ll see it all through photos

Jacob Binnie is firstly super talented at all things visually aesthetically. Jacob’s photography is next to none the raddest I have come across. His recent trip around Europe made for IN-CRED-IBLE photography, but it seems his return to New Zealand from the streets of Italy meant that his content would get even COOLER.

You’ll want to start following him right now. A serious case of travel envy will ensure. You’ll also want to go on an adventure or two to the places closer to home, in our little NZ that have been the feature of Binnie’s lens.

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Telling stories of stunning lives lived

I may be a little bias to these guys because I have done some work with these guys before and also the Paralympics are on right now, but this Instagram account will show you the stories of people with abilities you wouldn’t believe. Don’t know who Cameron Clapp is, wondered if a triple amputee can drive or a chick in a wheelchair can hustle like a boss (the answer to both of those is YES THEY CAN) well then follow this account and find out. Witness the abilities of every day and impeccable people.



Aucklands #KiLlAsHaKeMeCCa

I have talked on Letters to Corey’s Instagram about the whimsical and shake crave inducing Cereal Killa Cafe and that is because they are both those things. Their owner and staff are also the TOPS be apart of their 14,000 shaking strong army and follow them today.

(We are running a wee bit of a competition with them on our Facebook and Instagram have a looksie)


One of the guys behind Chlöe Swarbricks mayoral campaign this approachable and modest 19 year old shows our generation in the epic-est of lights

Dexter Murray is only 19, but give him a camera and you’ll think he’s been round forever. Not only that but he is simply just a lovely person, I’ve only had a couple of conversations with him, but I was swiftly able to work out that he is warm and approachable and just well, he’s glitter alright, like shining and fantastic. Follow his gram for all that shining-ness on your newsfeed, because everyone loves glitter. (Keep an eye out for more of Dex with Letters to Corey)

You’re welcome for this ‘Insta info’ you will not regret chucking a follow the way of these guys.

Featured Image: Jacob Binnie



  1. September 13, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    Loving your recommendations! I hear the milkshakes at Cereal Killa look better than they taste, have you been?

    • September 14, 2016 / 7:55 am

      Hey Lidya, Grace here. Yes I have been! I wrote some content about it a couple of days ago! I must disagree, I think they taste amaze – I had the peanut butter one x

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