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Picture this. You wake up Friday morning, pumped for the last day of the working week. However, before you can kick back with the latest Stranger Things episode come Friday’s afternoon, you have a gym session, two exams and one essay to complete.

Yes you have an extra-super busy day ahead of you.

That doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your morning skincare routine. Clinique makes it easy as pie for you to multi-task and swiftly get that skin looking fab so you can tackle your day like a boss.

How do they do this you ask? With their new Pep-Start collection. This collection is mega rad. I tried all the products so rest assured my feedback is honest and from experience.


This collection is firstly made up of a 2-in-1 Exfoliator and Cleanser. You do not need a lot of this product for it to be effective. I would recommend one small squeeze or about two fingertips worth. Most exfoliators I have used in the past have felt grainy and unpleasant, however when you apply the product to your face it feels smooth and active. You can for sure tell that the cleanser is positively effecting your skin almost immediately and that the exfoliator is doing its job. What makes this project so good is that it is the best bits of a cleanser and the best parts of an exfoliator in one, for you to use twice a day


If you’re thinking “can you make it even faster for me to cleanse my face?” Yes yes I can because Clinique has thought of everything.

Their Quick Cleansing Wipes mean that you can down your morning coffee and take care of your skin in record time. Usually this kind of product dries out of you after a while but I can attest that in the time I have been using these it has felt like brand new each time. If you’re a student I’d recommend these as a middle of the day refresher. If you’re a student it would be perfect to brighten you up after P.E or keep you glowing and alert. When I was doing this I used a wipe after going in with the 2-in-1. I really liked this because I felt like it calmed my skin down and was the perfect transition into make-up or a moisturizer.

The advice I’d give you with this product is whatever way you work it into your skincare routine it will be worth it.


Last but not least of course my favourite bit. The Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer. I have never had a better moisturizer in my life. It is super soft to the touch and melts into your skin, but also feels like its got some kick to it; some power behind it.  When applying this I’d for sure say that less is more, I use a small scoop with two fingers. This will definitely be enough to give you full face coverage. Once you’re done moisturizing you have the ideal base for make-up. I felt as if my make-up (even though I wear only the basics) glided on and my skin felt plump and as ready for the day as you’ll be when you’re finished with Pep-Start.



Even though it may seem like this process took a long time to talk you through the application of these products in the mornings took me about 10 minutes (in extra fast speed) I have enough time in the morning to finish my coffee – and take care of my skin with Pep-Start.



Want to get on the mega rad Pep-Start Buzz? Smith and Caughey’s is ya man. 

Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Quick Cleansing Wipes

HydroBlur Moisturizer


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