Dexter Murray: Looking through the lens of Creative Career Choices

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His name is Dexter Murray and I pretty much want to be his best friend.

At 19 Dex is currently attending university in Wellington – however he is no average university student, I mean in truth no person is truly average anymore are they? We live in the most creative and productive generation yet, every one of us is doing something other then a nine-to-five.

On that note: Dexter is one of the photographic genius’ behind Chlöe Swarbrick’s mayoral campaign, he’s pretty much the preverbal Jackie Chan of photography.

As in if you give him a camera, he’ll kick butt; creating content so rad it’d beat even the greatest of Kung-Fu masters. Dex says that he started photography as a way of making his memories permanent and as a method of expressing the way he saw the world. I believe he has succeeded in doing both of these things and more, his photography manages to be a realistic but optimistic social commentary and we need more of that among our newsfeed’s. For this reason seeing the world through the lens of Dexter Murray is a resounding privilege.

His photography is proof that the future of content creation is not in hands of larger organisations, but rather in the hands of the individual creator. Gone are the days where artistic careers are for the lucky or the hippie. Thanks to the accessibility of upload buttons, sharing sites and media platforms; people like Dexter Murray can turn their talents and passions into a business model, meaning that art and (decent) income now go hand in hand.


Which I suppose is an ideal some parents or grandparents might pick up their pitchforks to.

However it is true, people like Dex can now build their careers using their talents and an Instagram tag or byline. We don’t need to settle for 9-to-5 anymore. In Dex’s words “[we] can do something that doesn’t feel like a job” Dex says that his days are best spent creating in some way, usually with a camera. Coffee and his friends are his remaining two pillars while living that University Student life and aiming toward a creative career.

Of course if you know me the fact that Dex likes coffee is yet another tick against his name, since I probably spend my life living off the stuff.

You see, we should be best friends! In short Dexter Murray is a creator powerful in his individuality, he is an example that creative careers are now synonymous with income and yes, breathe a sigh of relief you do not have to be a Doctor to maintain a decent living. I cannot wait to see Dex’s next steps to take over the world of creative expression.

This is a person who answered my questions while getting tattooed, so if anyone can handle the trials youth face it is him. He hits with a straight bat and nothing can take him down, of this I am sure. He’ll make this world better and he’ll do this with a camera in hand.

We’ll get coffee one day.


Find Dex’s: Website and Instagram 

Featured Image by: Ciaran Fill & mid image by Dexter Murray 




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