Full time student, part time vigilante

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The 2017 student of both high school and university does more now then ever before. You only have to walk into shadows bar or through 95bfm at Auckland University, to see the creations of youth in full swing.

Like these establishments, the individual 21st Century student is as productive as ever. With full time students also running clothing brands or shooting photography, productivity and creativity in conjunction with study is at an all time high.

This means that a student is no longer defined by his or her study. Rather, they are defined by words of their own choosing.

With this shift young people are now taking on more vocal roles in our society. Students are beginning to challenge and change the normal while also celebrating the new and the possible – If you like we could call this the Bruce Wayne Effect. The current generation of students are now also part time vigilantes.

Twenty first century students are not afraid to share their opinions and bring voice to the previously silent.

To continue my Batman references: “some men like to watch the world burn.” I’d like to believe that our generation is the one which will put out those previously set fires while remaining on fire for the world we believe in and want to create, because that world is certainly possible.

That world is being created, right now.

A clear example of this student vigilante is somebody like Chlöe Swarbrick who is running for mayor. She through her courageous actions has begun a conversation regarding our city of Auckland and politics among young people. This conversation was previously one not aimed at youth, held in the mainstream, or through social media channels.

Swarbrick’s actions have changed that. Due to Swarbrick’s actions, more and more young people are advocating for change – acting in aid of thinking bigger then the average suburban square.

Although this fact is often met with many puzzled looks and copious amounts of shade throwing, it’s truth.

We can think bigger now then ever before and our age does not factor as a limitation unless it’s self imposed.

Rad right? Yes! But, what does that mean for us.

The rise of the student vigilante means: the rise of productivity. Thanks to social media and the internet the ability to create content and share it or the ability to share your voice is as easy as ever. This means that limits are virtually non existent.

Take it from me, the person whose legs don’t work, but can still run game like Usain.

We the youth have got this and although we cannot be egotistical – we are limitless. The rise of the student vigilante should give you complete confidence in the creation of change and your ability to contribute to that change.

An example is last Saturday I was out and mid-song, mid-drink we began having a conversation about recording music, ocean conservation and democratic voice. This shows that advocation and the student vigilante does not mean absence of the “classic” University environment, students are still getting the good ole stick and poke.

They’re just shifting their conversational content and this is a wonderful thing. It means that we are all starting to have conversations and partake in actions that mean something of depth. If anything, may the vigilante help you believe in yourself to do better and be greater then those before.


Featured image: Dexter Murray 

Find Chlöe Swarbrick: https://www.facebook.com/chloeswarbrickforAKL/?fref=ts


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