Meet Jess and Jason Holdaway, they’re aiming to give away 20,000 school books in 2017.

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Jess and Jason Holdaway have always been passionate about helping others, they’ve also always had their individual skills. Jess, has always been creative, able to execute ideas and see the big picture. She says, “I have always been in love with art and creativity. I often woke up in the small hours of the morning in my teenage years to paint, draw and journal” and Jason, he’s always been motivated in buisness, having a strategic and forward thinking brain.

Jess saying that her husband “Since he was very young, was figuring out ways that he can make money on his parents farm to buy his first car, which he did when he was 15.” After their marriage in 2010, the power duo knew they could combine their skills and do something together. This thought was the spark of what would become one of New Zealand’s raddest and greatest independent stationery brands, FRANK Stationery.

Both Jess and Jason, knew that they wanted to use their passions and skills to contribute something to their home of New Zealand. However they didn’t always know they’d do this through stationery and FRANK. Jess says, “they brainstormed ideas for about a year [of what they could do]” but it was when they watched a documentary about poverty in  New Zealand, that they learned that it was stationery that was missing from classrooms of low decile schools.

“We found out that heaps of children arrive at school with no book to write in. [Books were] an extra financial burden on families and teachers, where essentials like lunch and clothes were more important.” With this knowledge, Jess and Jason’s common love for journalling, the Holdaway’s realised that the development of a stationery brand where for every item you buy, you also give a stationery item to those in need. From this simple intuition FRANK was formed in 2012 and continues to operate with the same values to this very day. One of their biggest goals for 2017 is to “be able to give back 20,000 school books to kids in need!”


Jess with one of 10,000 school books given to kids in NZ by FRANK


Here are some of the books, which Jess describes as “super cool and fun, it is so cool to see the children’s faces when they get their books”

It is an ethos such as this one that makes supporting Jason and Jess’ buisness, or rather revolution, a no-brainer, and of course everyone’s a winner when it comes to FRANK because not only do we know that we’re aiding the education of those around us, but we the customer also end up with beautiful stationery which has been developed to better individuals and to “bring you back to what matters.”

“[Our stationery] will ground you, hold you and at the same time push you forward. [We aim to fill our stationery] with moments to pause and reflect, words of wisdom and goal setting”.

In short FRANK Stationery’s endeavour is to give and this is not just a part of Jess and Jason’s buisness plan, it is their buisness’ foundation. They themselves say “it wasn’t enough for us to have giving as a side part of our business. We wanted it be part of the very foundation of FRANK, in and through every decision we make. It totally affects every product we make, because if we can remind people of their own connection to those around them, who need help, through our themes and designs, then we can help inspire people to see others differently and to expand their own lives.”

In this way, when you purchase FRANK’s 2017 diary you are not just buying a date-per-page. You are accepting a challenge. A challenge to look deeper, Jess says that before FRANK, she and Jason “didn’t realise that ten minutes down the road from our Panmure flat families were really struggling. It was really hidden to us” and it is easy for such things to be hidden from you and I also. But FRANK issues each of their customers the challenge to take off the blind fold, look deeper and give more.

For this reason Jason and Jess’ creation is more beautiful than any two dimensional word could describe, but such beauty is seen in the three dimensional creations of FRANK and in the fact that they’ve given 10,000 books to children in need.

(How RAD is that)

As you plan your 2017, plan with a FRANK diary or journal, not just to give to others but to give to yourself. These products are aimed to encourage you, inspire your days and fill them with greatness – because if nobody has told you lately, that is what you deserve and what FRANK aims to give both you and the many children who are in need.


A sneak peek of FRANK for 2017

In our backyard. In need.

Find Frank and buy one, give one.

We’re lucky enough to be able to do a giveaway with FRANK stationery, check our Instagram and Facebook linked below to be enter to win. 


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