"You need to get out more" 5 places in Auckland you need to go to

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I had a conversation with someone last week who told me I “needed to get out more.”

With this in mind here are 5 places in Auckland that I love, places that you might love as well. However, remember that you only go where you want to go, nobody can tell you that you need to get out more. Coffee and ya couch is sometimes all you need.

Lonely Label: Ponsonby or New Market


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Lonely Label is a place, or rather a shop that exudes confidence. When you enter it, you can’t help but feel empowered. This brand has been designed by women like you and I for women like you and I. That fact shines through when you enter the shop. Lonely has three shops in New Zealand, one in Wellington and two in Auckland. I would recommend before you go though to have a look through their website, just to get an idea of what they have and the sizing’s. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming seeing so many beautiful things at once.

Find Lonely: Here

Bennetts Chocolate Factory and Cafe 


I have a soft spot for this cafe because it was where I first met Danielle, a friend of mine. The truffles at Bennetts are rolled by hand, they use sea salt that they make themselves by evaporating sea water. The chocolate is made by goddesses and the coffee is to die for as well. I don’t get to go often, in fact I’m secretly really wanting to go again, because when I do go here – it’s unlike any other place.

Find Bennetts: Here

Huffer Takapuna 


Huffer as a brand is generally wicked, you will be able to find stores all over New Zealand. However my experience with Huffer Takapuna was awesome. The service is great and my favourite thing about the actual store is something which probably doesn’t apply to all of you – but they have a changing room which is big enough for wheelchairs. That should happen in every shop, but it doesn’t – not that we’re complaining of course because if can fit in Huffer, we’re doing good.

Check em out: Here

Kowtow Clothing at Smith and Caughey’s 


This is of my favourite places. Don’t be getting it confused with the shop as a whole. I’m sure Smith and Caughey’s is great, however I never really have time to look in detail at what’s there. I always make a total beeline for Kowtow section of Smith and Caughey’s. It is always reasonably priced for its beautiful and ethical creations. Everything about this brand and shop is just awe inspiring for me and it is pretty damn nice to wear as well.

Find Kowtow at Smith and Caughey’s: here

Elliot Stables


Photo by Colliers International

Okay so I am not a huge fan of Auckland City mostly because it is super busy and has lots of tall people who usually don’t see me with the whole wheelchair thing, so I don’t go without someone and even when I do go I end up being a tad overwhelmed. Earlier this year though, I did go to Auckland city for a meeting and I was with a friend, who found my overwhelming-ness a little bit funny, which was fab because if you can make someone laugh you’re doing well, right?

Anyhow so he took me to this Japanese place and the ground we were walking on changed from plain concrete to cobble stones, because of that my wheelchair jolted. You kind of had to be there to experience how funny it was, but after that happened and we both laughed, I can’t explain it but I just felt really happy and safe. I knew I wouldn’t come out to good ole AKL city much again, but I knew that I was exactly where I was suppose to be on this day. It meant a lot, and so that person who told me I didn’t go out much or need to more, he’s probably right.

I don’t go out and do a lot, usually because going out requires a lot of thought and planning. I am okay with that however, because that means the places I do go, I love and the instances I felt safe and happy in new places, matter even more to me.

Let me know what places you love and find Letters to Corey on social media.

Featured image by: Colliers International


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