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Julie Ilagan is eighteen, but she’s already quite the buisness women. With over 4,000 followers on Instagram this beautiful young woman has found her calling within the fashion industry.

Coming from a family with two sisters, she has always known fashion and in a short time she has become a compass for young woman trying to find their feet in fashion with thousands of people flocking to her splendid photographs and seeking out her seasoned advice. The fact that young women seek out Julie’s advice is significant to her is because it means that she has come full circle, given that she herself used fashion to find her own feet as a young teenager.

“[I found fashion when I was] growing up trying to figure out who I was. I was trying different things on, what felt comfortable and suited me based on my style and taste of clothing. Then I realised that experimenting, mix and matching and showing your true personality through what you wear was fashion and this is what fascinated me about it.”


Property of Julie Ilagan

Since her introduction into the depths of fashion as a young teenager, Julie has grown her involvement in the industry by utilising social media.

“Instagram gives me a platform to connect with a large audience visually.”

Julie’s Instagram has allowed her to step bravely into the entrepreneurial side of the fashion industry, Julie promotes various internationally known brands such as Triangl bikinis and Daniel Wellington watches.

In her words Julie says, “it’s exciting to see myself reach out to a wide range of people [using Instagram.]”

It is no surprise that Julie’s platform is taking off, her talent within this realm is quite obvious, not only that but she is also a gorgeous person on the inside which makes her an ideal role model for all. Through Julie, young people are experiencing fashion, but they are also being shown an example of positive ways to conduct yourself as a young woman and this is something we need more of especially within the fashion industry.


Julie in Triangl

Julie’s platform aims to encourage people in various different styles as she says “my style is ever changing and adapting to different seasons.” Julie aims to be inspiring to her own audience just as blogger Ellen Sheidlin is inspiring to her, inspiring in the sense that Julie wants her fashion based content to motivate and captivate people to find their own sense of style and “be confident in what they wear.”

Julie has found confidence in fashion by adopting the reoccurring use of key pieces, which she can develop unique outfits around. For her these key pieces would include:

“Chokers, necklaces, and bandanas all from a range of different stores, and my Ralph Lauren cap.”

It is with these key pieces that Julie’s style evolves and she hopes to continue to show to her audience. Fashion and style is unique to each person, self expression a beautiful thing. Just as Julie is a beautiful person.

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