Make-up Artist Annalee Muggeridge: MAC, YSL and concealing acne

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Annalee Muggeridge has adventures in America and Fiji, she often spends her weekends travelling all over New Zealand to work behind the camera for the shoots you see on magazine pages. Annalee Muggeridge is a make-up artist and beauty vlogger.

If you asked Annalee about herself though, she probably wouldn’t tell you about all the incredible things she has done. Instead of telling you her long list of stellar achievements,  I know she’d turn the question back to you. Ask you about yourself, because she truly does care about everyone she meets.

Her warm smile and compelling personality is perhaps what has pulled such a large audience into her videos; tonnes of people, me included, tune into Annalee’s videos to hear tips, see wicked lookbook’s and stunning tutorials upon the channel she built three years ago.

Perhaps Annalee’s biggest achievement to date, is reaching one million views on her Cara Delevingne inspired make-up tutorial. In celebration of her successes on Youtube, which she says has meant “A lot of hard work with a huge sense of accomplishment.” We sat down with Annalee and asked her some questions that any make-up buff or newbie would want in their repertoire.

The first question we had for Annalee is one that every teenager at some point, wants asked and answered. How is it best to cover acne with make-up?

1. While your skin is bare, cover your spot with a (green) colour correcting concealer. This will settle the redness of the spot.

2. Apply your foundation on top but dab it on top to avoid the concealer moving. 

3. Place a flesh coloured concealer on on top to then insure coverage 

4. Dust down with a translucent powder

Now you know the tricks of the trade, I’ll give you a minute or two so you can test that out. If you are new to make-up Annalee’s advice to you would be, to not be afraid, just try it out and practice.

She says “practice makes perfect. Educate yourself on the basics and practice your applications as often as you can.”

Annalee never really got into make-up, she describes it as always being part of who she is, “Ever since I can remember I’ve always had an interest in it, I just love to feel made up. I feel complete.” Annalee goes onto say that make-up is best when it makes you feel more confident and compliments who you are.

For Annalee, this is what make-up does; becoming not just a compliment to herself, but a cornerstone to her future, providing her with amazing opportunities to do work that most only dream of. Mostly because she is one of the hardest working woman out there; she is also able to influence people like you and I, teach us the joys of make-up, self expression and self love – all of these things she does in a beautiful and classy way that’s unlike anyone else out there.

An example that makes us love her even more, is the fact that she is getting behind the cruelty free movement. Something which more and more of us are starting to learn about.

Youtube for Annalee is a part time job, when she isn’t making and editing her videos Annalee works as a make-up artist, her expanse of experience has left her with a fountain of knowledge when it comes to make-up products.

These products are Annalee’s favourite products in MAC and YSL:

For MAC: Blankety Lipstick. Soft and Gentle, Fix Plus Spray, Prolong wear Concealer

For YSL: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation Eyeshadow Palette,Touche Eclat foundation, The New Mon Pairs Perfume, Touche Sclat – Radiant Touch Concealer and Loose Face Powder.

If you are wanting to dip your toe into the make-up pool, Annalee suggests that you stick to simple products, building from the basics such as blush, mascara and brow gel.

Her most important advice though is to make sure that your foundation is colour matched. You can do this by asking someone at your local pharmacy for help and some make-up brands have the shades of foundations available online to look at.

The world of make-up is a new place to me, but with Annalee guiding our way we’ll all succeed. Especially when we keep her words in mind

“Honestly the biggest thing I have learnt since doing Youtube but also over time is accepting who I am. Everyone has imperfections. Its all about embracing what you have and working with it”

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