5 reasons to buy from True North Clothing this Christmas

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If you’ve been on the Letters to Corey buzz since the start you’ll know we love True North Clothing and that we’ve worked with them a handful of times.

It seems only right since we are nearing Christmas to reignite our partnership True North Clothing, because their garments are the perfect gift for anyone this gift giving season.

Without any further delay here are 5 reasons you need to buy from True North Clothing this Christmas.

I. They’re dropping new designs for summer – True North is dropping new clothing for summer and so now is the perfect time to order from them. Get something brand new, never before seen and mega rad, because we all know that their designs and products are the tops.

II.  It’s good quality but also affordable – The products made by TN won’t break the budget but they’re also good quality so they can be a stocking stuffer or a main gift.

True North’s products are designed to fit the needs of both the purchaser and the receiver.

III. They have a mission and a reason. The extended title, if you will, of True North Clothing is: ‘find yourself in him, the true north.’ In this sense the creators of True North are referencing Christian faith and they are empowering and inspiring their customers and wearers of their garments to be their best selves – which is something you’ll want to get behind I’m sure. Why not get the man or woman in your life a shirt that’ll empower them and flatter them, whilst also being good quality.

It is a win, win, win.

IIII. True North is at the Coast Collective markets and they will have a pop up store at Festival One. Yes that’s right! True North is at the Coast Collective markets which are this Saturday the 17th of December.

You can buy your significant other(s) a rad garment then (from True Norths new summer line) and if you’re at Festival One which is from the 27th-30th of January 2017 you can buy some TN there too.

So many opportunities for a little bit of True North, how can you not do a cheeky purchase.

V. Last but by no means least on our list of reasons is: Nathan Simkin is a rad human. Nathan is the designer of TN and its founder, we’ve talked with him and worked with him a lot over the past year (and we hope to continue this in 2017) in all honesty what he has achieved at such a young age is awe inspiring and challenges every individual to carve out their passions and turn them into something tangible, which is what Nathan has done.

I am constantly inspired and pushed to be better by Nathan and I think that everyone needs to know about TN not just because they’re awesome, but also because we need to support and encourage people like Nathan.

That in itself is the meaning of Christmas, to support, love, encourage and thank those around us.

Go forth, buy True North.

P.S: Their website might be not taking orders when this goes up because they’re having a quick summer holiday, if you want to get an idea of their products so you can order when their site is up and running again (which will be super soon) check out their Facebook and Instagram which is all linked below or you could also head on down to the markets to buy  garments from TN the old fashion way.


Photo by Rhealm used with permission 

Read the last time we talked to Nathan about True North here

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