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Straight up, I shook the hand of NZ Girl’s Belinda and I didn’t even realise she was THE BELINDA FROM NZ GIRL and now here I am kicking myself because IT WAS BELINDA FROM NZ GIRL AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALISE IT.

Yes so as you can see, my Friday morning was not a regular one. I spent my morning in the company of some A-MAHZ-ING women to celebrate Clinique NZ’s launch of Fresh Pressed. Next week we’ll be telling you about that specifically, but now let’s talk about breakfast.

Other than forgetting to tell one of my heroes aka Belinda, that she was one of my heroes – I spent my morning at Orphans Kitchen. Ponsonby can be a bit of a tricky city for wheelchairs – but Orphan’s Kitchen had super access which was rad, but even more than that what was truly incredible was the Clinique ladies – before this breakfast I was in communications with Rebecca she had organised, prior to me attending, that we would be having the event somewhere I was able to get to. Rebecca making sure that I could get to the event, without me even having to make mention of access, meant SO much.

It meant a great deal that she was making every effort to include me and by extension she was accepting me, wheelchair, high heels and all, into the beauty and fashion industry. The care and kindness that Rebecca showed me was shared by the rest of the Clinique staff I have worked with – the gorgeous Anna who organised that I could get into my seat also made me feel completely at ease (when I could have felt overwhelmed) isn’t that rad?

Yes it isn’t it? Perhaps all the staff were so super-mega-awesome because this is what is modelled to them by their general manager? I think that is the case.

After I was settled, with thanks to my favourite (modern) girl Hannah, I met one Miss Ruby Fearless I can’t really do her fashion content justice so just give that link a sneaky click and find out all about her. It was a privilage to be in the company of so many inspiring and motivated women, our common goal is a love for creating content and being able to share in that, while also representing #CliniqueNZ was an honour.

I thought I’d share a quick snapshot of my morning this morning with you, because times of care and kindness must be shared am I right? Tune in next week for more on #FreshPressed and thank you Megan from She Said Yes, my new #GirlCrush for the chat and the picture (let’s do it again! Also how epic is her jumpsuit from Lana Boutique) and once again thank you to the beautiful Clinique staff for your smiling faces, beautiful selves and for helping me become a fully fledged Girl Boss.







  1. February 24, 2017 / 6:17 am

    It was so LOVELY to meet you Grace, and what a fab morning! I think you’d suit my jumpsuit too 😉 It’s on sale for $39 if you do like it!

    See you soon xx

    • Grace
      February 24, 2017 / 7:00 am

      I might need to get me one of those! xx

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