3 Reasons to go to Future City Festival

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A couple weeks back we chatted to you about Rob Shirlow a man whose love for music has driven him to establish the affectionately known HUP or Hamilton Underground Press – this establishment is killing the game again, come March 3rd-4th, because come this day the Hamilton Underground Press is bringing you: Future City Music Festival.

The festival run over two days will play host to bands from New Zealand and overseas namely New York City and Montreal, if you attend this festival there is bound to be some bands playing who you don’t know of, yet, but who you will come to love once they’re a song into the set. And when this happens, you know the festival is one to remember.

The festival will be run across two venues, Nivara Lounge and Creative Waikato. Each venue is close to the CBD and both venues are but a stones throw from each other.

If you would like ticketing information you can look here, if you would like to see the line up you can scroll further down for an image shared by the Hamilton Underground Press, that tells you the intended line up.

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should go to Future City

1. You should go because there is no better way to spend a weekend than with friends and live music, put your Spotify down for a bit (or turn it off – whatever you do) and go and experience music live.

2. Support up and comers as well as the established, we all love music in our own way and we want to see the parts we love of the industry grow, the only way this growth will happen – is if you go and support the musicians you love as well as discover your new favourite artists.

3. Go and see what Hamilton and New Zealand have to offer, discovering NZ isn’t just for Reese Witherspoon and her homies – it’s for you to. The journey to the festival is part of the experience, so go with friends – take a roadie – explore!


Those are my reasons for going… And you have seen the line up – what more do you need.

If you make it to Future City make sure to tag us (@letters_to_corey) in your pictures, but if you do not make it this time – be sure to follow Hamilton Underground Press to keep up with them.

Images with permission from Rob Shirlow

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