3 ways Frank Stationery’s ‘Beautiful Thoughts’ journal will make you feel beautiful

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Frank Stationery’s Jess and Jason Holdaway have been incredible supports to Letters to Corey and they will be featured in the shopping guide of our digital magazine which is coming soon (release date to be announced April 1st)

One of Frank’s beautiful products is the Beautiful Thoughts journal. I used said journal in preparation for the write up in our shopping guide – I loved it so much that it deserved double the conversation. 

Here are 3 ways that the Beautiful Thoughts journal by Frank will make you feel beautiful (these are just the 3 closest to my heart I am sure there are many more where that came from)

No 1.

The journal first makes you feel beautiful because the journal itself is beautiful.

If you’ve ever been to Auckland Art Gallery (there is the best coffee shop there by the way) you’ll know what I mean, when you look at beautiful things – you also feel beautiful it’s like by extension you become a part of the artwork and this journal is a work of art. Its clean and sophisticated aesthetic is wonderful to look at and because of that you’ll want to quickly open it – and look on the inside where it only gets better and more beautiful.

No 2.

It will help you gain balance. If you don’t consider yourself a gymbunny  but you’re looking for a way to work out your frustrations at life and regain some balance; then look to Beautiful Thoughts the questions it asks you to answer are thought provoking, but gentle and will allow you to really declutter your mind and regain your centre – or balance. This of course will make you feel beautiful, because it will lessen your stress; make you smile and it might just help you think about what’s next for you in your life.

As a side note the BEST thing about venting to this journal is that, unlike a status update or ‘personal’ Instagram post – your words in the journal stay entirely between you and the paper they are written on. The journal is a safe place for you and your thoughts; isn’t that beautiful?

No 3.

The Journal empowers you.

At some point or another we all wonder what is next for us or for those who are in our lives –  sometimes we can feel like we aren’t in control of what happens to us; it’s easy to feel powerless or like someone else is in the drivers seat of our own lives and when we do feel like this we need to surround ourselves with things that make us feel empowered – some of these things may be Little Mix songs and good filter coffee from Orphan’s Kitchen in Ponsonby or my personal favourite, the Beautiful Thoughts journal.

Nothing has ever empowered me more than this journal. It’s statements, quotes, questions – all helped me feel capable and powerful. 

It helped me feel like the beautiful woman I know I can be and I have no doubt that man or woman this journal will make you feel the same way.


Get yours:


Frank also has many in store stockists so keep an eye. 



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