Marie Antoinette had it wrong, she should have made them eat pie. Not Cake. | A few minutes with Half Eaten Pie

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“Let them eat cake” is the phrase which Marie Antoinette supposedly said in response to being questioned about what to feed the hungry in France.

Most argue that Ms Antoinette didn’t make the infamous ‘let them eat cake’ sentiment rather it’s said that the statement was a rumour started by the French people (yes it seems they did have rumours well before the Fleetwood Mac album came out)

Rumour or not, it didn’t work out well for Marie – to cut a long story short the lass ended up headless thanks to the guillotine and the real kicker? After all this nobody knows if the French ever got the cake they were so promised.

Fast forward to 2017 and perhaps you’re more likely to get a pastry from the French government than a slice of red velvet, I’ve never been to Europe so one of ya fill me in, do you get cake? Maybe we’ll never know.

However the silver lining is that I DO consider myself an expert in the baked goods we are offered in New Zealand – and top of the list for baked goods that we MUST HAVE?


I would usually start a rebellion (do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men) if someone ate half my pie.


I make exceptions for musicians though, especially if they are named Hayden, Matt and Lachlan.


Hayden, Matt and Lachlan together form Te Awamutu up and coming band Half Eaten Pie, the name of Half Eaten Pie is inspired by a childhood nickname given to one of the bands members, or it could be homage to the French Revolution (who knows?).

With two of the boys in their second to last year of high school and one in his last, they guys behind Half Eaten Pie have managed to break their way into the industry successfully, having competed in SFRQ – Smokefreerockquest

Now the latest in their set list of achievements is playing in Hamilton Underground Press’ Future City Festival (which we covered a few days back) as well as featuring local artists such as Half Eaten Pie, the festival features acts from places as far as New York City, this collection of artists from all over makes Future City an example of the talent not only in NZ, but the talent we are able to bring here; for these reasons Future City is the place to be and makes for a decent crowd, something which the Hayden, Matt and Lachlan are more than hyped for.


Image: Ngamihi Pawa supplied by Rob Shirlow


All at sixteen years of age these guys already have a plethora of achievements under their belt – you’ll want to be watching them, both in person when they play shows – and following them on their socials – and then in a few years you will be able to say

“I saw Half Eaten Pie back in the days of Future City, now they’re playing stadiums”

My generation wasn’t there in 1989 to see Jimmy Kick a Hole in the Sky, we didn’t see the Sexy Mexican Maid nor did we witness Pretty Little Ditty, until years after her entrance onto the scene through Mothers Milk.

(If you didn’t get any of those references – Mothers Milk is a Red Hot Chili Peppers album, that I only recently discovered from back in the day and Hayden told me that their music was influenced by the RHCP)

Despite not being there when these songs were first made current generations are continually inspired by this music, and Half Eaten Pie will have this same effect upon people –  one day we’ll be saying to our kids (and grandkids)

“Half Eaten Pie was only just beginning back in my day” and our kids will be like, woah.


Marie can have her cake back, I’d take pie any day.



Featured image: Google Inside image supplied: Ngamihi Pawa

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