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Yesterday marked #InternationalWomensDay on this day discussion was promoted surrounding women. I’d like to think that in 2017 we could say the issues that plagued female gender for decades are not as prevalent as they once were, but I personally don’t think this is true. In my view the problems dealt with by women before me, have not lessened they have rather, changed.

Let me explain…The (lucky) majority no longer have to fight for the right to vote, but some women might need to fight to be seen as intelligent, rather than as objects of desire, we no longer are banned from attending University – however women may encounter obstacles upon being let in. In my personal experience I have learned that we as people cannot expect to be free from barriers, it doesn’t matter if you are a women, man, disabled, abled, fine arts graduate or burger king enthusiast; something will at some point try and barricade you – in the face of that all we can do is learn to break those barriers down.

One barrier strikes me the most… Was Vice’s infographic that reported the fact that none of New Zealand’s top 50 companies had a woman as CEO

That fact struck me mostly as a challenge – I plan on squashing that fact. I plan on firstly creating one of New Zealand’s top 50 companies – AND I also plan on being its CEO. If you are reading this – and you think I could be more humble or less ambitious. You’re right I could be.

But the thing is, I don’t need to be.

I am humble without ever questioning my own abilities and worth, I am unapologetically highly ambitious – and I am that way without being arrogant, or at least apologising when I realise I am arrogant. Us women sometimes fall into this trap of thinking we have to apologise for wanting, for being and for pushing ourselves; we don’t. I have learned that in my pursuits not everyone’s going to like me, understand me or support me, but the people who do; those people are the ones I have to honour and acknowledge, even if they don’t know me and they just inspire me to be the woman I believe I can be.


These 5 women are the people who have inspired me most and I have no doubt, they’ll do the same for you.


Clare Andrew  

Clare is someone you can’t help but want to talk to, she gives honest advice and speaks highly of her friends. The content she puts online for her followers is elegant and graceful. She helps you to believe in yourself and she doesn’t even realise – and she has killer blonde hair.


Nadya Tolokonnikova

Leader of Pussy Riot a punk activist group born out of Russia, Nayda spent two years in prison in her home of Russia, she now lives in the United States, she was sent to prison for protest. She is a ‘wild feminist’ who fights the oppressive governmental regime of her native Russia. She’s IN-CRED (I am studying her in History) and she’ll empower you to fight harder if you are facing a barrier


Jaime Ridge

At the Clinique event I attended there was Jamie Ridge. I was so close to going up and saying “Hello” but I didn’t. She left the event early, because she had more work to do – she wore no make-up and looked so beautiful, I seriously think she is one of the hardest working and most elegant and intelligent lasses out. Who can say, they have a law degree (I believe she has one) and a modelling career behind them – Jamie can. How epic is that, she is an example that women, are more than one thing, they can be – every thing they want to be.


Here’s to women all of us. None of us, without flaws, as everyone has flaws  but that is what makes us Flawless.

Photo: Supplied Clare Andrew

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