A Mini Series with Millie Elder-Holmes: Part One | Healthy Lifestyles & Greek Cuisine

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In Part One of our Mini Series with Millie Elder-Holmes, Grace and Millie talk about meals, healthy lifestyles and Greek Cuisine

I know you travel to Greece a lot (and I get super envious of the

gorgeous pictures) what do you love about the food over there, and do

your eating habits or patterns change when you are there compared to

your eating habits in New Zealand?

Being half Greek and having my father come from a beautiful small

island close to Turkey in the middle of the Aegean Sea, [the place] is like

something out of a fairytale for me, the food equally is something

else, people here like to stick to tradition so they are cooking food

the same way they have been for centuries, I think the tradition

around food and the way they hate to waste anything so utilise

everything they cook really appeals to me.

What is your favourite part of the food preparation process?

The prep is never the most exciting part, because that the time your

waiting to eat the food, my favourite part is the plating and the

eating, however if I have spent some days curing salmon, or been

making a slow cooked meal the satisfaction at the end is always


What are your tips for someone wanting to manage their food and be


I have actually recently written a whole blog post on this topic you

can find that here: http://millieelderholmes.co.nz/blog/fitness/personal-tips-kickstart-healthier-lifestyle/

What would be your dream three course meal?

Oooooh that’s so hard, but I think in my world seafood is king,

I’ve recently stopped eating meat and so fresh seafood is literally

the best thing ever for me.  Starter would have to be a scallop ceviche

with peppery micro greens and roe, followed by some sort of fish dish,

I love the cleanness of snapper but also the richness of salmon, and

when ever I eat salmon I have to have it skin on; that’s my favourite

part, it would need to be accompanied by lightly cooked vegetables,

maybe some baby broccoli and Maori purple potatoes, and for the last

meal I would skip the sweet and go for s deep fried soft shell crab on

salad with sesame sauce dressing.

Who is your favourite person/people to share meals with and why?

That person for me would have to be my partner, not only does he try

absolutely anything, but because he’s spent a lot of time in Greece

where there isn’t much food diversity, I love seeing the confusion

and then enjoyment on his face when he tries something new.

Tune in next week for More From Millie

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