A Mini Series with Millie Elder-Holmes: Part 3 | Chadwick Vintage & a chilled out take on Fashion + Beauty

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What make-up/skincare products are you using (and loving) at the


I have also just written a full blog on this which is available here:


How do you prefer to do your make-up and hair on a daily basis – do

you have a routine or are you more chilled out about it?

I am the lowest maintenance person out, I hard every do my hair or

makeup even when I go out for social events I keep it to mascara and a

little bronzed highlight. My hair I always leave natural, bar a touch

of coconut oil.

Do you have any women or men that you look up to or admire in the

fashion and beauty industry and if so who are these people?

I mostly shop vintage so I would have to say I’m at a loss for

fashion icons. I like people who stand out from the crowd though, so

pebbles Hooper and her parents are examples of that.

How would you describe your style?

Vintage/ fit wear/ black/basic … this is me, my style is very

simple, I hardly ever follow trends, I wear what I comfortable for me

and that it. I need to feel good in the clothes I wear, you will never

catch me wearing too tight jeans or anything like that.

Do you have a favourite/key piece in your wardrobe?

Oh yes my new obsession is a huge oversized vintage jumper from ralph

Lauren that I got from one of my favourite shops Chadwick vintage.

Tune in to Part 4 of our Mini Series with Millie, coming next week.


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