I’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)

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I’m currently smack bang in the middle of a virus. Like all high schoolers though I find myself pulling through because we all know that if you miss more than a couple of days – you’re going to have a mountain to catch up on when you get back. However, that being said I did miss six months of school this past year because of my surgery and I ended up being just fine.

Whatever the case I am partly still sick and back at school, so fifth period when I should have been learning about some Roman lad in Classics I was having a coughing fit in the hallway – Ms came to my rescue as she has done a few times before.

Ms used to be my History teacher and she’s the kind of teacher who you want to say hello to when you see her, I hope that she feels the same way about me but either way I chat her ear off – sorry Ms.

Anyway, she goes above and beyond. When I was in rehabilitation she taught me about the Vietnam War in a small lounge room where you could hear more than a few weird (and loud) noises.

She went above and beyond today as well, you see she saw me having a coughing fit and so she gave me a glass of water, as I sat there gulping down water so I could try and regain control of myself, we had a chat as we often do.

We talked about the day, the weather (you know as you do) and her family. When my good friend Amber passed away from Cancer Ms’ youngest daughter did wonderful crafts for her – you can see that this teacher has always been more to me than a teacher.

As I had just gone to my school ball, I asked Ms if her child, a son that is the same age as me – is going to his school ball. From there we chatted about her son who sounds like an incredible person – his story is his to tell and he doesn’t have any blues clue who I am so it’d be weird if I started talking about him (he probably already thinks this is weird)

But from what I can gather he has been through a lot and he has been through something which is completely unexpected to occur. I don’t know what that is like, since I was four I have had surgeries – at last count 16 procedures total. Each operation was planned. Before I even existed it was to a degree expected that I might come to have a condition, since my diagnosis as a baby – at a year old.

My life has held numerous small and big challenges every day – I mean heck even this rain is challenging – I got wetter than a slip and slide transferring classes today, they seem to leave the wheelchair routes uncovered why is that yo? – [cyclone] Debbie please settle down bro.

What I am saying is that all of my challenges are there, present, difficult but I am used to them. Facing them is a part of my genetic sequence, I haven’t had to learn to do so. And man, learning to face physical challenges – learning to adapt must be damn hard.

That’s the reason why I wanted to write this, I see Ms every day I don’t know her son (well I might after this stay tuned) or any of her other family members but I have seen powerpoint pictures of her dog, she’s made me tea and laughed about spilling coffee on my mock exam paper which I loved because OMG she’s a coffee addict too! She is a part of what makes my school experience so wonderful, but I was absent in the knowledge of the challenges she and her family might be dealing with.

My point is that each of us have no clue what is truly happening in another persons life until we either ask, are invited to understand or experience it ourselves – but what we owe each other is the recognition that we all have dynamics in our lives which are difficult, things happen which are not ideal and as individuals all we can do is try and make the best out of everything and be there for one another.



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