One of my Sunday Essentials, Revive Tonic | a natural and hydrating face serum

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On Instagram yesterday I showed you some of my Sunday Essentials, many things made the list: from Karen Walker oversized bow earrings to the book I am currently attempting to read but the newest add to my list of must haves is a skin oil by Beauty Tonic.

I have been using it for a fortnight and have loved it, so I thought I would share it with you.


Revive Tonic is 100% naturally derived from ingredients such as Avocado and Macadamia Oils making it full of antioxidants that nourish and protect your skin.

Revive Tonic is also Cruelty-Free.

When it comes to the application of the oil, it is bottled in a glass and dropper form making it efficient for you to get from the bottle to your skin – personally, I preferred to place a few drops of oil on my hand first and then transfer that onto my face, neck and upper chest. That was simply personal preference, otherwise, you could take the oil and dropper straight to your face, neck and upper chest.

I used the oil at night after showering and throughout the day when I wanted to feel refreshed: because Revive Tonic is so efficient in its design, you can carry it around and reapply when you need and want to.

The morning after my first application of the oil I woke up to my skin feeling plump, after using it [in conjunction with my cleanser] for a few more days my skin began to clear up and felt considerably more hydrated.


Revive Tonic has officially been added to my personal beauty bible.


I had no idea that something so quick and easy could make such a difference.

Revive Tonic has become a part of my essential’s in my ‘Skin Regime’ and is one of my Sunday essentials because of this. I  am not a girl who likes to spend a tonne of time on her skincare routine, having something quick and effective is crucial to me – that is what Revive Tonic is.

Also being 100% naturally derived I know that I am not putting my skin in any danger using it and because it is Cruelty-Free I can use it knowing it didn’t cause danger for anybody else.

With Revive Tonic, you get only the natural and powerful ‘good stuff’ made with a conscience. It’s no wonder that it is a part of my essentials list for Sunday and every day.

If you get Revive Tonic be sure to tell me what you think and tell me your Sunday Essentials in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram 

Or find Beauty Tonic directly here: 

Find more from Revive Tonic’s creators by searching for Beauty Tonics and tune in next week for more of my essentials.


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