Advice for Finding your Own Style in a world of ‘trends’

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It’s no secret that the pressure to be “stylish” and “on trend” is bigger and harsher than ever. We have all been a victim of social media manipulation. Myself included. At nearly 24 Years old I’ve been through all of the stages of fitting in and being “on trend”. Now I can safely say I couldn’t care less about that trend. While I admire fashion, hugely, sticking to those trends isn’t for all.

Finding your own trend is a crucial part of your 20s and one lesson I’m pretty sure I’ve safely learnt.

I’ve grown up around design and fashion. My mum owns a women’s clothing & homewares store and has always without a doubt been ahead of trends, there have been countless times I’ve said to her “no way mum” and her reply is “it’s coming back Chelsey you wait” (she’ll laugh at this because it’s true) and sure enough it does.

I always wanted to follow in my mum’s footsteps here, but I didn’t get the gene. She’s a fashion guru.

I’m not saying my mum put any pressure on me – she didn’t. I’m talking more social media. The magazines. The influences we see every single day. I used to cut out pictures in magazines all the time for outfits I’d like and be so sure I would buy – you all know I never did. I was so sure I would be looking exactly like the girls I saw on Instagram or online when I wore these outfits. The truth is I didn’t and we never will.

That baggy jeans look? Looks amazing on Gigi Hadid…



So I tried it.

It looked awful.

The key to finding your own style is realising, you’re not that girl. You’re you.

What you see online or in magazines might look amazing on that girl, but you need to remind yourself your body isn’t her body. Your height isn’t her height. Blah blah, you get me!

That’s where I went wrong. I tried to wear what “they” wear and it actually made me feel less confident instead of what I thought it should make me, more confident.

It was when I found my own style, that I found confidence.

I’ll admit I feel a bit funny preaching to people how to find your own style because thanks to my job, at a gym, I literally live in active wear (goals I know) but here I go:

Here are my three pieces of advice for Finding your own Style in a world of trends

1. Don’t look online.

It won’t look the same on you as it does on her and that’s a fact. Sure if you see something you really love, go try it on. Go the old fashioned way and shop in store (even better support your local small business and go ethical when you can.)

Tearfund makes that easier than ever with their just released 2017 ethical shopping guide download it for free.

2. You don’t HAVE to wear it.

That’s key. Just because it’s cool or popular, doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy it and then the worst part you might not even feel like yourself when you DO wear it.

3. Most of those girls you see on Instagram get given those very expensive clothes for free and don’t even like them either and that’s social media.

Remember that – you don’t have to go fork out $600 on a dress because it’s what “they” are all wearing – plus clothing hire businesses are massive now and so easy, plus you can try it on. Boom, tip number one achieved!

It’s the old age saying of be you and be true. We are living in a society of trend setters and trend followers, which don’t get me wrong; it’s great and I’m stoked the industry is booming.

But to a 15-year-old girl from 23 year old me – be your own trend.



FTL Moda is doing incredibly important work to reflect diversity in the fashion industry, in order to be your own trend, you must also love and accept your body, this can only be achieved if all body types are reflected in industry, be sure to check out FTL Moda. 

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