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FABRIC  or @thisisfabric is an online store that ships worldwide it is based in Auckland – namely The Pavilions, Britomart. The store creates a home for a plethora of brands and designers, mostly for clothing and accessories, but they also stock gorgeous books and magazines too.

I recently purchased an item from FABRIC, I was so impressed with the customer service/presentation and I loved the item so much that I wanted to share it with you.

From FABRIC I brought a shirt designed by Alex Olson for his brand Call me 917. The shirt has the word TOMBOY blazed across the front, it comes in either a coral colour with blue text or in a green with white text [I have the green with white text.]  Wearing it makes me feel strong and bold – authentic.


My customer service experience and impression when ordering with FABRIC also made me fall in love with the store that much more.

It took only two days for the shirt to come, despite me ordering it during easter break and during those two days I was kept up to date through email about the state of my package, so I knew exactly when it had been shipped and its ETA.

When the shirt arrived on my doorstep, I of course excitingly ripped into it. I was incredibly impressed with the packaging, the item was wrapped in an outer layer of paper and had tissue/protective paper around it to be doubly sure that the shirt remained a-O.K which it did.


Here are some photos to give you a visual representation of FABRIC’S gorgeous aesthetic + Call Me 917’s TOMBOY shirt.





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