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Little baby Grace

When I was born, I was tiny. That was expected though because I was born 10 weeks early. My physical stature grew steadily, however, I have always been relatively small in terms of physicality – but in contrast, my mind was built rock solid, I have always been mentally strong and this wasn’t something I developed over time this was something I had to do out of need, if I wasn’t mentally strong then I wouldn’t be able to face the challenges and trials that come with my life.

Lately, I have been feeling a real need to grow and develop. And so, I rebranded. Doing this has taken a lot of courage, but I know in my heart that it is the right choice for me. You know that feeling in your bones where you just know that you need to do a certain thing, yeah I call that… Growing Pains.

I don’t know if I have ever really had literal growing pains, but I have had them metaphorically for sure, and I know that I have to listen to them, and no matter how much courage it takes, I know that I must take the plunge.

I did a clean out of our articles in order to do this re-brand because I wanted to start fresh but keep our cornerstones. I came across one of the first ever articles I wrote about Jake Bailey [Read that HERE] and that got me thinking, about how far I have come and he has come too.

We both started our respective endeavours around the same time, and as he continues his journey, he remains an inspiration to me. I have a long way to go and many dreams and goals I want to achieve, and I also want to reach many more of you.

These are my goals and I will make them happen, but I will do it while remaining true to myself, the re-brand has meant the creation of a new Facebook page – and so, with that comes a journey to rebuild even more, but I have decided that I want to embrace that.

As humans, we need to learn to embrace our Growing Pains, not the ones that are fleeting, because listening to those puts us at risk of lacking steadfastness, but we do need to listen to to the ones that are really truly strong, the Growing Pains that nag at our innermost selves. Those are the ones we need to listen to and work to see achieved.

Have the courage to create, because remember everything starts small. Growth is about the work you put in and also your motives – ask yourself. Why? Why do I want to do this.

I want to be here and do this because I love it, I love the adventure and I also love being able to impact people’s lives positively – basically, listen to your Growing Pains, they matter and grow with them, follow your dreams.




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