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I have been in chatting to two of my blogging friends lately Meagan of ‘This is Meagan Kerr’ and Sophie of ‘Nana Wintour’  about the troubles I have been having with my Instagram.

The trouble that I am having is that people keep following and then unfollowing me, this is something that is quite common in the industry that I am wanting to be present in, the old follow ‘n unfollow is designed for people wanting to build their own following.

When you’re in an industry that is based upon numbers – some manipulation to achieve a high click rate is expected, but when you’re on the receiving end of the follow and unfollow it is disheartening.

When you get a rise only to come straight back down again, it does make you wonder what or if you’re doing something wrong.

I’d find myself thinking..”I don’t have a cute child to take pictures of or a pug to up my cuteness factor. I haven’t shaved my legs in like two months so I am not a beauty guru – maybe what I am doing isn’t good enough”

But the truth is that what I am doing is good enough because it is me – on social media like in life – you do not have to be like everyone else to eventually succeed.

When you’re trying to grow and you’re getting there but you are taking baby-teeny-tiny steps it is stressful and hard, but I have worked out that all you can do is keep pushing. Keep going.


ft image of two people who inspire me daily to work damn hard and put out good vibes

Everybody’s big break comes at different times and until that big break, you’ll have lots of little tiny breaks and also periods of just working yourself into the ground.

If you love what you’re doing truly and completely then all that work, those big and little breaks will be worth it and things that will make you all the more passionate and thirsty for what is next.

It might sometimes feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, but I promise you that what you are doing is affecting someone and doing something.

I recently changed my brand and so my audience went down – There is currently 950 of you, that number increased by 12 today – and it might decrease tomorrow. I need to be okay with that, and I am.

Because I am not going to gain success if I measure myself by numbers, that’s just going to get me down I personally measure myself by the quality of what I put out and the vibes that I give to the people who read, people like you.

My advice to you is to keep it up, keep working at what you love and keep working toward the success you deem important however you measure it. You don’t need to be like others to succeed, what they do might work for them but it might not for you. A part of the hustle is finding your groove and rhythm – so work until you find it.

I saw on #AVIDGIRLBOSS the following quote: six months is six days in the life of an entrepreneur.

Just keep going.




  1. May 19, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    So agree there babes! Just keep at it

    • Grace
      May 20, 2017 / 2:11 pm

      Love you!

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