I tell you why getting a flat white from Ari my barista and friend is the best part of my day

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grace-stratton-grace-georgia-blogAri is the barista at the cafe down the road and I love coffee so I think in some way we were always meant to be friends.

I would go to the cafe every day if I could – but I really need to be saving for a house (and apparently it’s possible to do that by skipping all your coffee’s) and I can’t actually get there entirely alone there are some ‘interesting’ pathways.

However one day, in particular, I did get to the Cafe on my own – and it was a journey let me tell ya, I had never really spoken to Ari before this day – and as I was the only one in the Cafe we struck up a conversation, she told me about the countries she had been to and all the languages she spoke – it was then I realised that Ari was a stunning woman.

As we continued chatting on this day I paid for my flat white and the payment didn’t go through, the chip in my card was damaged.

Instead of telling me I couldn’t have the coffee and stopping our chat – Ari told me that it was okay, she finished making the coffee and she said that some days everybody needs something.

I told her I’d definitely pay another day (which I did – the next time I came in) but she just smiled and we continued talking.

In one small action, Ari made me feel valued and she renewed my faith in the fact that although the world is often harsh there are times and spaces for softness and kindness – always.

Never doubt the idea that the small actions you do everyday matter and they truly do affect everyone around you, and equally so make sure you take the time to appreciate the people you encounter on the daily. Talk to those around you, because you might just stumble upon a friendship or a moment that will make you feel all the more able to take on the world.

I’m going to continue drinking my coffees with Ari – a woman I hope to continue to know better.

Value the individuals in your life.

And don’t worry I will save for a house – without giving up my double shot.


I am planning to interview Ari so keep an eye out for that. 

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